Sunday, July 7, 2013

Greektown - 2, Emily - 0

This past week was pretty low key – other than therapy, we didn’t embark on too many adventures…well until today, but I’ll get there in a second or so.

This week in therapy we continued to focus on my core, triceps, scaps, and weight bearing. Although it has only been two weeks, I do feel as if both my balance and my transfers are getting better and I’m much more conscious of my posture!

I think I’ve told you before but my scaps are absolutely terrible. My shoulder blades wing terribly and stick out like you wouldn’t believe. My trainers like to say there is a canyon between my blades and although I hate to say it, it’s a little true! We have really been working on strengthening my scaps and other shoulder muscles to hold my shoulder blades in and down. I’m not lying when I say my arms are jello every afternoon when I get in the car!


If you are paying any attention to my Facebook pictures, you’ll noticed I posted one of me standing the other day. Karlee had been begging Mom to take a picture of me standing, but get this – after she got to see the picture, we were chatting on the phone and our conversation went a little like this:

Karlee: I saw your picture today
Me: Oh ya, what do you think? Isn’t that cool?
Karlee: Ya, but Emily…how do I know you weren’t sitting? I couldn’t see your feet!
Me: I promise you, I was standing.
Karlee: Can you please have Grandma take a picture of your feet next time?
Me: Yes squirt, I’ll get you a picture of me standing where you can see my feet.

Here you go, my sweet Karlee, a picture of me standing with my feet!

(Why is that blue mat behind my butt you ask? This standing frame really isn't made for tall people and so the mat puts my hips right where they need to be!)

So today after church, Mom and I went and ate lunch at the Fountain Bistro and then made our way over to Greektown. We did a little shopping, made a quick stop at the casino, and then walked down the street to Astoria Bakery.

This bakery is like heaven, I’m not even lying…and today, I went out of my norm and ordered a chocolate cannoli. Can we seriously say HOLY CANNOLI? I haven’t experienced a sugar shock like this since I had one of Phuong’s triple chocolate brownies with the marshmallow topping on top.

All I’m saying is between this cannoli and my trip to the casino, Greektown has once again defeated me.

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