Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crowns, Sashes, and Red Lips

As I sit waiting in the airport to begin our journey back home to the great state of Kansas, I thought it would be the perfect time to blog about yesterday’s activities.

Heidi, Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 
After a morning of ceremony practice and getting all beautified, I was set and ready for the evening’s activities. As I promptly arrived at 3:30pm, we were all lined up backstage and finally about 4:15pm the introductions began.

Some of the girls before the pageant 
One by one each of us 28 states made our way onto the stage to introduce ourselves and state our platforms. The MC did not waste anytime and jumped right into announcing the Top 5. Indiana was called first, followed by North Carolina, and then California, Michigan, and Texas. They each were asked their two on-stage questions, one light-hearted one and one serious.  The girls answered them wonderfully and on a few I thought to myself, “Gosh, I’m glad I didn’t have to answer that one!”

Michele, Ms. Wheelchair Alabama
The deliberation began after the questions, but while the officials were tallying the votes, the MC preceded to announce the winners of the other awards and special recognition, all eight of them. I was blessed and honored to be recognized with the Mind, Body, and Spirit Award. It is new to the pageant this year, being created just this past week, and is selected by the judges and awarded to the woman who is empowered to best integrate mind, body, and spirit.

After all of the other awards, it was time to announce the titleholder! After announcing the second, third, and fourth runner-ups, it was down to Kristian Champion, Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina, and Mariah Kilborne, Ms. Wheelchair Texas.

Top 5 
Each of the finalists are amazing women with such strong voices who definitely have great platforms, but a decision had to be made, and Ms. Texas became the newest Ms. Wheelchair America titleholder!

I know within my heart that Mariah will do an amazing job as Ms. Wheelchair America. She definitely deserved the title!

Carrie, my State Coordinator, and I
This week has been crazy hectic, but so much fun. It was a chance of a lifetime and I do not regret anything whatsoever! I met 28 amazing women who I can now call lifelong friends and have enjoyed every single minute!

Connor and I
Although I loved Rhode Island, I was glad to step into the Kansas heat this afternoon and was overjoyed when we pulled into Bucklin! Now reality begins again and I’ll be off to work tomorrow.

Thank you once again for the overwhelming love, support, and prayers. Like I’ve said numerous times, it means the world to me and without you all I wouldn’t be who and where I am today!

Heidi and I showing off our lips!
(PS - Notice the bold red lips...when my dad first saw me he said, "Are you sure you need that?" It was the most makeup I think I've ever worn in my life, but I have to admit, I felt pretty fierce with those lips!)


  1. Love the Lips! Red lips always makes me feel like I mean business. That's why Gwen Stefani wears it so well. I'm Glad you had a great time, and now you have a bushel of ladies on wheels to keep in touch with from now on. That I find to be the best gift out of all the pageantry is all the new friends you make along the way. Kudos to you on the award!

  2. Emily, thank you for representing so many people. Yeah it was Kansas, but how far does Kansas touch people!!!! You are an amazing young lady! I would love to have you in D.C. Maybe you could clean up that mess up there. Thank you BTI for all of your help too!