Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Halfway Point

I absolutely cannot believe it is Wednesday already! This week is flying by and before I know it, it will be Sunday and I’ll be on my way home!

For the next couple of days, we have a fairly repetitious schedule full of workshops and judging interviews! I began my day with the workshop “Disability Heritage”. Carrie, my State Coordinator, was the presenter and she did an amazing job teaching us about the history and evolution of disability rights. However, about midway through her presentation I was pulled out for my first interview session.

There are five judges this year, who come from around the country, to help select the next Ms. Wheelchair America. Of course I was a tad bit nervous (who wouldn’t be), but I like to approach it like it is now or never and I’m just having a conversation with a few people. Once I got in the room, it was all good and I was at ease. Today’s judging session was only five minutes long and let me tell you, it went by quick!! I would love to tell you some of the questions they asked, but unfortunately I am unable to do so as of right now!

After my judging session, I headed back downstairs to the workshops. “Social Media” was next and I was interested what Drew had to say. He covered a bit about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but what he talked about most was creating or maintaining a blog. I felt one step ahead of the game!!

Lunch was next on the schedule and it was good, but after having chicken the past three days for at least one meal this girl is craving beef! Remember the old Wendy’s commercial with the older lady, I find myself asking the same question, “Where’s the beef?”

Nonetheless, the afternoon sessions were “How Language Impacts our Behavior” and “What it’s like to be Ms. Wheelchair America”. I really, really enjoyed the language workshop. Ida, the presenter is an absolutely amazing woman who is extremely articulate and a great spokeswoman.

What it is like to be Ms. Wheelchair America was also extremely interesting – learning a bit about the traveling, the appearances, funding, and of course all of the responsibilities!

It was a good full day…tomorrow will be similar, but my judging session is bright and early. Wish me luck!!

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