Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

After about seven hours and two flights, we have made it to a place where there is much more green than brown and it has already rained since we have been here…Rhode Island!

We had a slight delay in Cleveland, which pushed our arrival time here in Providence back about one hour, but I was still greeted at the baggage claim by two of the Ms. Wheelchair America Welcoming Committee. After grabbing all of our luggage (by the way do you know how much luggage it takes Mom and I to be gone one week…too much!) we hopped in the van and took the short trip past the Big Blue Bug to our hotel, the Renaissance. 
The Renaissance Hotel
The Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Providence has a ton of history – it was built as a temple, but when funding ceased the building sat empty for 80 years. The Marriot has come in and remodeled the whole building, but kept its integrity as a temple. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in!

From what I can see and what little we have walked around, the city is rich in history and seems like a pretty cool place to be. Across the street lies the State Capitol building and just down the street lies one of the biggest malls in the state.

State Capital
However, there is not a ton of room for many shopping malls around here, I was told that you can travel state-line to state-line in just about one hour depending on traffic! How crazy is that!!
Church tucked right behind our hotel
Nonetheless, I am beat from traveling…but stay tuned as I will try to update you daily as the pageant week begins!

Another View of the Capital
Supper at the Cheesecake Factory

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  1. Best of luck! You'll represent Kansas in an amazing way!