Monday, July 30, 2012

Down the Streets of Dodge

Living in Southwest Kansas, options are limited for big ticket events unless you want to drive to Wichita or Kansas City.  The one event we can always count on is Dodge City Days. Voted one of ABA’s 2012 Top 100 Events in North America, Dodge City Days is a 10-day log celebration that includes concerts, a craft show, the rodeo, a professional barbeque contest, the parade, and a classic car show among many other things.

Growing up, I never missed the concert or the rodeo…they were THE events of the year. It was a time to see all your friends, catch up with others from out of town, and meet plenty of new people.

I haven’t been able to partake in the festivities since my accident; I’ve always been off somewhere for physical therapy or had something else going on. This year is no different – Saturday was the concert, but I wouldn’t even have thought of going because it was the day that Tracy and Ross tied the knot. The rodeo runs from Aug 1-5 and I will be in Topeka for a conference.

Ross and Tracy Smith

Although I won’t be able to hit up the “big ticket” items of Dodge City Days, I was able to be involved in the Dodge City Days/AMBUCs Parade! Instead of riding around in a slick car, waving to all of the parade goers, I was asked to sit in on the judging panel!

This year’s parade theme was “Still Taming the West” and let me tell you there was some great entries. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought us judges would leisurely get to watch the parade and circle some numbers as they crept on down the street. I was a bit wrong…well on the leisurely part anyways! I was circling and turning pages as fast as possible while trying to watch the parade as well. Much more stressful than I thought!

This year’s parade had 117 entries and among my favorites were the Credit Union of Dodge City, the Gunfighters, RUK, Victory Electric, and DC Diamonds. I was extremely impressed – there were some great floats and entries!

A big "Thank You" goes out to AMBUCs for allowing me to help out with the judging. 
I had a great time!

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