Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Table of 10

It has been a crazy week so far, trying to get caught up on things here at home and starting volleyball, but I finally found a little bit of time to blog! I know I have thanked all of you numerous times throughout this past week, but I must take some time to especially thank nine individuals.

The Evans Table
Uncle Rick, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jack, Dad
These nine individuals were able to travel 3,000+ miles across the country to see me say a two-minute speech and look pretty in a gown. These nine individuals are my Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie, Uncle Rick and Aunt Sue, my Aunt Nancy, my Dad, and last but certainly not least, Scott, Megan, and Eli.

Scott, Megan, and Eli
Although I didn’t spend a lot of time with them, I was so glad they were all able to come and enjoy what all Providence had to offer! I know they enjoyed going to Newport, numerous tours, and definitely the seafood! Scott, Megan, and Eli even took a small trip to Cape Cod and hit up a Red Sox game!

Uncle Rick and Aunt Sue
I have to say that I think I had the most people travel such a long distance to come see the pageant. When I was trying to find our dinner table for Speech Night, I went up to the girls at the door and said, “Emily Evans, Kansas,” (as if they didn’t already know who I was) and Autumn replied, “Oh…the table of 10!” as she handed me our card.

Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie
I am truly blessed to have such loving family and friends and being able to celebrate such an amazing experience with nine of those who mean the most to be was unbelievable! Thank you to those nine for sticking out early morning flights, a couple of delays, and many, many miles of highway! 

Aunt Nancy
Oh, and I cannot forget to thank the woman who is my traveling partner, my organizer/assistant, my rock, and my best mom! I would not be where I am without her!!

Mom and Dad

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