Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barmaid Play Me Some Buffett

 Drunk girls on my left…drunk girls on my right…the smell of marijuana wafting through the air. Where was I last night, you ask? Nope, it was not some shady club in downtown Detroit…I was simply attending the Jimmy Buffett concert at Comerica Park.

Jimmy Buffett is amazing and he puts on one heck of a show! He is so fun, charismatic, and entertaining – one of those people who you would love to spend a day with! He performs effortlessly and puts out such a laid-back vibe, one can’t help but have a good time at one of his concerts.

Thanks to Dr. Bill Restum and DMC, we were able to take in the show in the amazing Tigers Suite with some great people! There was free drinks and food everywhere and it didn’t take me long to think that I could get used to watching Tigers games from Suite 202…a girl can wish right?

Speaking of wishes…I wish I could stay longer! We will be home exactly 2 weeks from today and like I mentioned last week, time is just flying by.

This week is therapy was great. Instead of boring you with tons of detailed exercises, we kept our focus on what it has been since I have gotten here. I continue to think I am improving each day and I think one way to see that is in my transfers. I am needing less help each day and am feeling much more confident.

Today after church Mom and I made our usual walk down to Greektown where had some delicious food at Pegasus and knowing my recent luck (see Greektown - 2, Emily - 0), I decided it was best to stay away from the casino today and so we ventured back home.

This week brings 4 days of therapy, a trip to the Holocaust Museum, Mom’s birthday, a visit to Aunt Ruth, and a possible Tigers game…sounds like a pretty good time to me!


Here's a few more pictures from the concert!

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