Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're in the Big Time Now

Last Friday morning at work, Viv and I were chatting about the news and she mentioned a series KWCH was getting ready to run about small towns in Kansas – and how people are supposed to send in reasons as to why Jenn, Michael, and Merril should visit their town. It sounded as if it would be a pretty cool series to watch and so I made a mental note in hopes that I would remember to watch Channel 12 at 6pm and 10pm this coming week.

*Note, the 10 o’clock broadcast would be the hardest to remember - Chelsea Lately is on at 10pm and I rarely miss it…she is one funny lady.*

Fast forward to 5:00pm on Friday…I check my phone and see that I have a voicemail. It is from Kim at KWCH and they have chosen Bucklin for their ‘One of a Kind Kansas’ series and was curious if I would do an interview as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas. I happily agreed and the plans were made. Jim was going to come to Bucklin on Sunday for my interview and KWCH’s live crew would roll into town Monday morning.

 Around noon on Sunday, there was a knock at my door and I thought, “Ok, he’s here…let’s do this!” and when I turned around it wasn’t the guy from KWCH, but Ms. Jane. She had seen a KWCH vehicle sitting on Main Street and thought either there’s going to be a storm of some sort or he’s lost and looking for someone. Lost and looking for someone it was! Now here, Jim set up his camera and we began the interview. He asked lots of questions and I think got some good footage.

When Monday morning rolled around, I was all excited to see what they would film here in town, but nervous of my interview. I had complete faith that Jim would do a good job editing it, but I’m always nervous about being on camera! Around 10am, I looked up from my desk to see Dennis from KWCH and he informed me he had bad news. Turns out my interview on Sunday was accidentally deleted and we needed to redo my interview

I was more prepared this go around and things turned out great. The piece on Bucklin began on their 5 o’clock show and then continued on at 6pm and 10pm. While in town, the news crew visited the Moore Ranch where they got to feed the lambs, ride horses, and check out the longhorns, they had cherry limeades at the Market, and they visited the school and hung around for the athletic banquet.

Check out KWCH's piece on Bucklin by clicking --> Bucklin Kansas is 'One of a Kind' 
 I am so glad they chose to feature Bucklin – it truly is a unique place and I am proud to call this community my home.

Thanks for visiting KWCH!

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