Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All the Small Things

On my desk at work, just behind my nameplate, lies a small blue Sentry Insurance paper clip holder. I usually joke around with my co-workers telling them I am going to start charging them for taking my paper clips, but in reality I don’t ever use them so I don’t really care!

My lack of finger movement makes using paper clips hard to use and causes me to staple much more or, at the last resort, ask Viv for help putting papers together. Today, I am proud to tell you that I paper clipped two pieces of paper together. Now, it probably took me 3-5 minutes to do this, but hey I was ecstatic nonetheless!

I know what you are thinking, “She’s excited about a paper clip? This girl is crazy!” Well, yes I probably am, but it just makes me realize how much little stuff we take for granted.

With all of my MWKS speaking engagements, I get a lot of questions and one of the most common question I get is, “What is the biggest thing you have learned since your accident?” My answer is always that I have learned to appreciate the small things.

I can tell you exactly where I was when I was able to lift my hand to my face and push my glasses up the first time post-accident…I remember the first time I brushed my own teeth, put on my own make-up, typed my first email, drove my own pickup, and so much more. Now I can add putting a paper clip on two papers to that list.

We as a society take so much for granted, but if you’re like me, you don’t realize it until you lose it. You don’t think about picking a ball up and throwing it across the room, until you lose the ability to grip the ball and raise your arm over your head. What was once a natural movement became an act of labor and frustration. You never realize how hard it is to use a paper clip until you can barely pick the thing up, let alone try to slide it on a piece of paper.  
I’m not sure we realize how lucky we are…

So whether it be taking a step, throwing a ball, falling in love, or paper clipping documents together, remember to appreciate the little things. Life can change in an instant so appreciate all that you have and all that you do!

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