Sunday, April 1, 2012

If only I was 17 again...

I am a Pinterest fanatic. I spend entirely too much time “pinning” clothes I can’t afford, recipes I’ll most likely never make, and hairstyles I’m not even capable of doing!  Alongside of all my wishful projects and pins, I have created a board called “Words of Wisdom” and it currently has over 50+ quotes and phrases that relates to life in general. Yesterday I pinned a blog post from Kate Elizabeth Connor titled “Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls” to this board and it has had me thinking if I had ten things to tell teenage girls, what would it be?

Well here it goes…My list of Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls  

1)   Do not post every single aspect of your life on Facebook or Twitter. Nobody needs to know every boy you’ve kissed or dismissed or if you are feuding with your friends. When you post these statuses, you are drawing negative attention to yourself and creating a reputation for yourself that you most likely do not want. 

2)   Respect your parents, especially your mother.  I know you think they are out to get you and embarrass you at any chance possible, but trust me that’s not true. They care about you and want the very best for you.  They know more than you think and have been exactly where you are. They deserve your respect so give it to them. Also, know that one day you’ll realize that you can’t live without your mom…she will become one of your best friends. 

3)   Please do not revolve your teenage years around boys.  I’ve read that only 5-10% of high school relationships turn into marriage. You have plenty of time to fall in love so enjoy these years. Spend time with your friends; participate in as many activities as possible, and most of all have fun! 

4)   Never be ashamed of who you are. There will always being someone judging you and sometimes what they say will be harsh. Do not let other peoples’ words tell you who you are and how you feel about yourself. You are wonderful – don’t ever forget that. 

5)   Don’t do something just for the sake of “being cool”.  I’ve been there…I’ve thought if I don’t drink this beer, flirt with this boy, or partake in toilet papering houses (whatever the situation is) my friends are going to think I’m not cool and “too good” for them. Trust me, this is not the case. If you want to do something, do it, but don’t do things just to impress another or to “be cool”. 

6)   Whether you like it or not, you are a role model. There is some little girl who looks up to you and aspires to be like you.  Be conscious of your words and your actions – they are paying more attention to you than you think. 

7)   Learn to manage money. Start learning to save now. If you have a job, put back a certain percentage each paycheck.  Think and plan purchases, do not buy things on impulse. 

8)   You, and only you, are responsible for your future. Set goals for your future and work hard to complete those goals. You’ll be faced with numerous situations and decisions in life (some you can control, some you can’t) – I suggest you take plenty of advice and suggestions and do your research, but do not let anyone make your decisions for you. You are responsible for your actions, thoughts, and decisions in life – don’t rely on someone else to plan your life! 

9)   Embrace your age. When you’re 13, you want to be 16…when you turn 16, you want to be 18, and when you are 18, you wish to be 21. Please stop trying to look older than you are. Enjoy your teenage years…one of these days you’ll will you were 18 again! 

10) Being unique is wonderful. Do not try to fit yourself into a cookie cutter mold. Society will tell you that you’re not thin enough, you’re too tall, your teeth aren’t white enough, or how you need to dress. Embrace your body, your hair, and how you look – being unique makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Teenage girls are often all over the place. I know I was a little bit wild, a little bit defiant, a lot boy crazy, and gosh knows what else. I was young and I had a lot of fun, but I needed to be aware of a few of these things!

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  1. Well said em. I definitely look back and laugh at some of the stuff especially those relationships and glad I didn't do what other girls our age were doing just because it was the thing to do.

    Oh man, if you do ever write a book I definitely think I could help you with the high school days. I wouldn't trade the stuff we did for anything!!!