Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Sea of White

I’m a few days late writing this post about the Senior Boomer Expo I attended last week, but it has been a busy last few days – I saw my cousin Adrian marry his beautiful bride Cori, spent some amazing time with family, and even got to go fishing today with Jason, Heather, and the kids.

Last Thursday, the 26th, I had the privilege of attending the Senior Boomer Expo at the Civic Center in Dodge City. Rita Linnens of Kansas Truck Mobility out of Wichita had contacted me a week or so earlier mentioning that she would be showing one of their vehicles and asked if I would like to attend and spend some time at their booth. I quickly agreed and we made all the necessary arrangements.

I asked my Grandma Bea to go with me, thinking she would enjoy the Expo since it was geared to her age group. After she first shot me down saying “Emily, that isn’t really my thing,” I thought to myself, “Grams, you’re 86 years old, what kind of “thing” do you have exactly?”

Nonetheless, Grandma Bea came with me and when we arrived, Rita met us at the door and then showed Grandma and my Dad to where lunch was being served. She and I then went up on the floor to where the booth was. I was introduced to the crowd and then did a little mingling. It wasn’t much longer that the seats started filling up and a woman got on the stage and talked about insurance and Medicare.  Rita informed me I could head out about 1:30ish – the Senior Center groups were performing their skits and Bingo was up next…all the booths tend to shut down about Bingo time – the crowd gets pretty serious and doesn’t pay much attention to anything else!

It was an enjoyable day – I got to speak with numerous people, represent the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas organization, and most of all spend a few hours with my Grandma Bea.

No MWKS appearances this upcoming week – Bucklin’s Graduation is next on my list and I’m still in the process of writing my speech – hope to finish it up this week! 

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  1. Yay! I'm excited to hear you speak at graduation!