Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Things Come in Pairs

As a kid growing up, I was asked, “You’re an Evans aren’t you?” and as soon as I replied yes I got another question, “Which one do you belong to, Ricky or Ronny?” After replying Ron, I always got some story that started similar to...”When your dad was in high school, me, him, and Rick…”  
I’ve grown up on these stories and probably have learned more about my dad’s (and my uncle’s) extracurricular activities from other people. For some odd reason, Dad will not tell me a lot of stories of the good ‘ole days – I always get told “Let’s just say I was lucky to not get arrested ever.” I have gotten a few out of him though…certain road trips taken, putting so-and-so’s car in between 2 trees, and perhaps an incident or two with the Hearne boys.

It seems as if my Dad and Uncle Rick have always been a bit ornery, providing comic relief whenever necessary. This still stands true today, but when it all boils down – they are two of the most kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet.
For those of you who don’t know my dad or Uncle Rick, they are identical twins. Growing up, you couldn’t tell them apart…and now the only way some people can is to know that Rick has a beard and Ron doesn’t. However when my Dad does grow his beard out ever January for the Living Last Supper play, it really confuses some...even my Grandma can’t keep them straight.

Growing up, just a few of the memories I will never forget are “driving” Dad’s white Dodge through the pasture as he’s in the back pitching hay, falling in the lake while fishing with Dad and the boys, and riding combine with both my Dad and Uncle Rick during harvest.

Like many fathers and daughters, my Dad and I have a special bond. We have always been close and can tell each other anything and everything. He knows how to push my buttons and make me smile at the same time. However, we cannot watch TV together, unless it is MASH or Hogan’s Heroes. Him and his commentary about drive me crazy.

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to my Dad and Uncle Rick as today is their 58th Birthday.
Happy Birthday you two! I love you both more than words can even describe!

(Perhaps when you’re a little older and a bit senile, I’ll finally hear some of those stories…maybe find out exactly what happened in that pink trailer, Uncle Rick)  

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  1. Oh those boys. Rick and sue came to the house Saturday and things haven't changed!! They were telling some stories but never the good ones. You would think by now they would start sharing some more of those!! Love you em :)