Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Takes Me Back

Have you ever heard a song that instantly take you back to a certain place or time in your life...where you remember exactly who you were with and what you were doing? I normally listen to Pandora throughout my day at work, but yesterday afternoon I had my laptop and had access to my iTunes…literally every other song made me “go back.”

I had thought about writing a blog about music and how it can take you back, but I thought how silly is that – then I heard Springsteen by Eric Church and his lyric “funny how the melody sounds like a memory, like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night” hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew it was a sign – I had to blog.

So here goes a few song and the memories to go with them…

Cover of the Rolling Stones – Dr. Hook: This song in general just reminds me of my father, but it takes me back to our family vacation to Michigan when I was in elementary school. We drove up there – got delayed in Des Moines for a day due to problems with our vehicle, but I remember us driving down the road, Dr. Hook in the CD player, and the whole family singing the Cover of the Rolling Stones...and you can’t forget Queen of the Silver Dollar.

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy – Kenny Chesney: New Years Eve, my 7th grade year on the Giles Ranch. This night consisted of dancing on chairs and a washing machine, drinking a lot of slushy punch, eating puppy chow, burning Cheetos, and a dance routine to this song. I still may even to be able to show you a few moves =)

Back Where I Come From – Kenny Chesney: Sophomore year of high school.  I remember vividly sitting at the Legion (unlike our normal spot at the Station) watching a certain someone climb the water tower and duct tape ’03 for all to see.

Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm: Once again during my sophomore year, three of us decided to take a late night road trip to Spearville. All I can say about this night is the Bullet got stuck, I walked about half a mile to use the restroom, and we were lucky the cops didn’t see us…all for Santa Fe Avenue.   

Yeah – Usher: Prom, Senior Year of High School. Dancing in my white and pink dress with the Ice Cream Man himself.

Wonderwall – Oasis: This song reminds me of a certain someone who holds a special place in my heart. I will never forget that after my accident, while I was doing my initial rehab at TIRR in Houston, I was laying on one of the mats during shoulder class on a Saturday when a family member of another patient brought in his guitar and began to sing….this was the first song out of his mouth.

Lips of an Angel – Hinder: On Sept. 7, 2006 I came home for the first time after my accident. Scott picked us up at the airport in Dodge City and we headed home to Bucklin. I hadn’t listened to the radio for about 2 months and when we going through Fort Dodge, right by the cemetery, this song came on. Why I remember this, I haven’t a clue!

There a million more songs that when I hear them, it sparks a memory, where I all I can do is smile and then send a text that starts out “Hey, do you remember when…” and ends with “…that was epic”.  I’ll always cherish these memories and I always look forward to hearing that certain song that can take me back!

**Please forgive me for being discreet with names in this post;
 I would hate to incriminate anyone. =)


  1. Haha I was waiting for a name drop. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!!

  2. I totally have a picture of the 03 somewhere in my collection. One of my regrets is that I never did hang out much with everyone in Bucklin during high school -- spent more time in Dodge but I SO wish I had.

    Another song like "Springsteen" is "I go back" by Kenny Chesney. Every time I hear both of these songs I think about all the music that throws me into my past!