Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#TBW 313

Holy smokes, I almost forgot that today was Wednesday! Nonetheless, about two weeks ago I sat down with my bosses and asked the impossible...Okay, so maybe not the impossible because 1) they've allowed it before and 2) they said yes! 

Are you anxious enough yet? Want to know the big question? Well perhaps today's #TBW will give you a hint. It's from just a few short years ago, circa 2008!

That's right! This girl is headed back to the 313, the big D, for the month of July! 

I asked if it would be possible to take some time off and work remotely while undergoing extensive physical therapy at CSCIR. 

2008 was the first year I made the trip to Detroit after hearing about CSCIR from my good friend TK. I went back in '09 and '10, but haven't been back for therapy purposes since and trust me, I am more than ready! July can't come fast enough!!

(Note - I work for the best people ever! Thank you BTI for the opportunity to go!)

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