Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kingsdown Love

On Sunday I had the opportunity to take part in an evening full of fellowship, sisterhood, laughter, and most of all, love. It was the Kingsdown Presbyterian Ladies’ Annual Love Fest.

Months ago when I received the call from Marilyn asking me to speak, I said yes in a heartbeat because although I am Catholic, the Kingsdown Presbyterian Church has a special place in my heart – I attend their Christmas Eve Service every year with the entire Evans family and since my accident, the church members have constantly kept me in their prayers and provided me with a monthly treat which Doris delivers on Sunday mornings after church.

After a welcoming prayer, we ate a delicious meal provided by the event committee and then Doris read a few devotionals about love. I was up after Doris and gave my story and testimonial.

After my reign as MWKS and speaking in front of hundreds of people, you might think that one wouldn't bat an eye about speaking in front of thirty or so women, but that’s not the case here. Those thirty women in that room are all women that not only do I know, but they are women that I admire and look up to…to sit in front of them and speak about overcoming my hardships is somewhat daunting because I know some of the hardships that they themselves have overcome.

To hear their questions and their kind, encouraging words just inspires me to get out more and to share my story. It is evenings like Sunday that I look for and cherish…and it reminds me of why I started this journey.

We ended the evening on a high note, singing a song about love.

Friday, I’m heading to Montezuma to speak with the South Gray Grade School – I’m pretty excited and hope they are too! Stayed tuned for the recap!!

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