Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is Life Good

Last Friday I had the opportunity to head west and speak to the kids at the Montezuma Grade School. As we were driving over, we ran into rain – a rare commodity in our part of the country right now – so I just took that as a sign from above that my presentation would be well received.

I was more than right! After we arrived, I was escorted to Mrs. Holderness’s room where I was introduced to her 4th grade class and learned of their rules, class motto, and what each student most likes about 4th grade.  I was pleased to hear that part of their motto and what they strive for in the classroom is what I “preach” in my presentation.


After meeting the fourth grade class, Mom and I got in line and made our way down the gym where the K-5 classes awaited. It was then I began my presentation, but after 15-20 minutes in, I noticed some of the kids were starting to fidget so I did what any great speaker would do. I opened it up for questions! (Okay, so it was more like it was the only thing that came to mind at the time…I’m no professional speaker, you know...well, not yet anyways!)

Nonetheless, children’s minds amaze me…they are much more observant than anyone gives them credit for and they aren’t afraid to ask anything – they have no filter. That reason right there is why I was more than looking forward to the Q&A time; plus, it gives me an opportunity to introduce them to someone with a disability and a little about what life is like.

I was asked numerous questions beginning with the phrase, “How do you…” Combing my hair, texting, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, writing, coaching volleyball, getting down steps – all these topics and more were covered! I even got to show them my handy, dandy cuff and pencil that I use ALL the time. I also had a few serious questions, but the best one of the afternoon came from a little boy who I would say was a kindergartners or a first grader. After calling on him, he quietly asked, “Is life good?”

How profound is that?! My answer of course was that life was not only good, it was great, but this is exactly what I’m talking about…little minds are amazing and these kids were so sincere!


All in all, Friday afternoon rocked - I had an AMAZING time speaking with the kids at Montezuma Grade School...it rained the entire time we were in Montezuma and all of the way home...I got to spend some time with Scott, Megan and the boys...and I had some fabulous blueberry pie at Eva’s!

A big thank you to Mrs. Holderness and the staff at Montezuma Grade School for having me and  to Scott, Megan, Eli, Carson, and Vicki for coming to listen! It all means so much.

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