Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Tea Party Time

When I hear the words tea party, a smile automatically comes to my face and my mind reverts back to the days of sitting around Grandma Bea’s kitchen table. Teapot on the stove, cookie dish on the table, and Rummy cards in our hands…it was the perfect afternoon event! I vividly remember my Grandma Bea saying, “Pinkies out, we’re dining with the Queen of England today.” It’s no doubt that tea parties hold a special place in my heart.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to experience a tea party away from my Grandma Bea’s kitchen, in Ashland. After my speaking engagement at the Ashland Civic Club, I had been asked to be a guest and speak at the United Methodist Women’s Annual Spring Tea.


I truly didn’t know what to expect, but was delightfully surprised when I walked in and saw beautifully decorated tables and warm, smiling faces. The committee picks eight women each to be the host at a certain table – being in charge of the table decorations and the table setting. I had the chance to sit at Mrs. Leanne Pike’s table and I quickly found out that she shares the same love for tea parties as I do. Not only was she our hostess for the Spring Tea, she hosts tea parties with her granddaughter as much as possible.

The tea was poured and the goodies were passed around as each table chit-chatted. Not much longer and I got the tap on my shoulder…it was my turn at the mic.

After my presentation and a round of questions, I was able to mingle a bit more and get to know some of the ladies in Ashland. It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon and I was so glad they asked my mother and me to join them.

Like I said in my post, Clark County Bound, no trip to Ashland is dull and today was once again, no different…plus it allowed a trip down memory lane, and that’s always a plus!  

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