Monday, December 24, 2012

Wrapped with Love

I always loved wrapping presents during Christmas time – in fact when I would see the make-shift store in the mall that would wrap your presents for you, I always wanted to work there. I got great satisfaction by having perfectly fitted, folded corners and a beautiful bow on top, but I learned last night I do not share this same satisfaction with my father.

While Mom finished up her holiday grocery shopping yesterday evening, Dad decided it was perfect time for him to wrap her gift. Note, I have NEVER seen my dad wrap a present in my life so I thought I might be in for some good entertainment...and I was right.

After acquiring what supplies he thought he needed – one of his two gifts, the wrapping paper, a knife, and black duck tape – I told him that he needed to go get the other gift, scissors, and some clear tape. He proceeded to get the other gift, but nothing else, saying the black tape would add “character” and asked why would he need scissors when he had a knife.

My entertainment began as he was trying to measure how much wrapping paper he needed. The first piece he cut was somewhat shorter than he thought, so he decided he would just piece 2 or so pieces together. His corners were not perfectly folder whatsoever, but he did a better job than I thought he would.

After getting his present wrapped, he needed a bow.  As I began to tell him where the bag of bows were, he walked to the Christmas tree and reached down to take one off another present. I stopped him just in time so he reverted to Plan B. Plan B consisted of stealing one off of the Christmas tree and taping it on the present. “She’ll never know where it came from,” is what he told me…little does he know that she makes new bows to put on the tree every year.

The icing on the cake came when he wrote out a sweet message on the gift tag, wishing her a Merry Christmas and telling her that he loved her. As he was beginning to tape it down, I jokingly asked him if he had spelled Elaine correctly…turns out I was right, he missed the “i” and had to redo it.

Finally after thirty minutes of comic relief, he placed his newly wrapped present under the tree. Here’s the new picture of “wrapped with love!”

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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