Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inner Beauty

This post is a few weeks overdue, but hey…better late than never! One day back at the beginning of December, I was trying to think of ideas for some a few MWKS appearances and I just couldn’t really find anything that my heart told me that I absolutely needed to do at the time. That was until I remembered a day back in Mrs. Wilson’s junior high health class when she brought in a beauty consultant to teach us girls how to properly care for our skin and the right techniques of applying make-up.

I have numerous friends who are Mary Kay beauty consultants and I thought this could be the perfect match! I could speak to the groups of girls about being responsible for defining themselves and that it is okay to be unique and then they could do a makeup demonstration.

After contacting the principals at Bucklin Junior High and asking Robyn to help with the makeup demonstration, it was set – December 11 we would do our presentation!

I had the chance to speak to the girls first telling my story and talking about my platform for Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, but left them with the message that although makeup is fun and a way to express oneself, we are not defined by our makeup and what we look like on the outside, but what is on the inside…what is in our hearts, thoughts, and actions.

Robyn then took the stage! She picked a volunteer from the audience and began in on the proper techniques of taking care of one’s skin. Then it was on to the makeup, and heck, I even learned some tips!

The girls of Bucklin Junior High were great and extremely receptive to both Robyn and my presentations – I think they really enjoyed it…especially the free samples of lip-gloss Robyn handed out at the end!

I am reaching out to some other local area schools in hopes to take this show on the road, but until then, my audiences are stuck with me only! 

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