Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is the Life

Last week six of us Vogel girls boarded an early flight with one destination in mind…Panama City Beach, FL. After a layover in Atlanta, we arrived in Fort Walton and loaded up our rental cars, heading to paradise.

We were there to celebrate my Aunt Jeanne’s 50th birthday and after getting into our beachside condo, I thought that this is the perfect birthday present!

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself to be a pretty laid-back vacationer…I don’t need to be on the go all the time and am perfectly content with just hanging out on the beach all day, every day. The one thing that I am all about is the food! I love to try new things, but I only had one goal for this FL trip…fresh seafood…and let me tell you I indulged every evening!

That first evening we went out and ate some amazing seafood (oysters and cobia for me) at the Hurricane Oyster Bar followed up by a Walmart trip to get groceries and supplies we needed. After getting back from our shopping excursion and unpacking, I don’t know about the other girls, but I slept like a rock.

Our first full day was absolutely perfect! Our condo sat right on the private Carillon Beach and after a delicious breakfast, us girls made our way down to the sandy, snow-white beach. We spent the entire day by the water…catching a few rays, reading our books, and floating in the crystal blue water.  That evening we went into Panama City Beach to the Pier Walk Plaza where we did a little shopping and ate at Hook’d – a quaint little bar and grill right on the pier.

The next day was spent just as the first – on the beach. Some of us got a little too much sun on Sunday (myself included) and spent most of the day under the umbrella…but I couldn’t help think to myself that this was the life…I could literally do it every day, it was so relaxing! For Monday evening’s entertainment we headed the other way into Destin.

In Destin, we headed to Louisiana Lagniappe where we met up with some family friends who actually come out to Kansas every year to hunt. Wayne and Scott have been telling us for years that we need to come visit them in Destin and it was so nice to see them and meet both of their families! Plus we had some AMAZING food!

Tuesday was our last full day in Florida and we decided to switch it up a little bit…heading into Destin during the day so we could hop aboard a Snorkel/Dolphin Watch Cruise. It was a three-hour boat ride with two snorkel stops and a brief hunt for dolphins...however we weren’t so successful on the dolphin watch – we only saw one, plus a sea turtle. Ones better than none!

That evening we just hung out at the house – talked about our favorite parts of the trip and indulged ourselves in a few pink squirrels. I mean really, what would a Vogel girls’ trip be without them?

After some sketchy weather and two delayed flights, we arrived back in Wichita about 2am on Thursday, but despite any of that I’d say this was the perfect trip.

Next stop on the Vogel girls’ list – Viva Las Vegas!

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