Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Official "Detroiter"

I can’t believe we’ve been here for a week already! On one hand it seems like we just pulled into town, but on the other,  I’m much more content…it feels like we have picked up just where we had left off last time we were here!

My last post was on my first day of therapy so with this one, I’m just going to recap the rest of the week. I have therapy on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday…leaving Thursday and the weekends for my days of play. For therapy this past week, we really focused on getting back into the game and working on some core things – balance, posture, my horrible, winging scapulas, weight bearing, back extensors, and triceps. All things I lack great strength in…but hey that’s why I’m here, right?

It is so great to be back at CSCIR and although things have changed, surprisingly it is still quite the same. The big change for me is that instead of working mainly with just one therapist, they now work in stations so every hour I get to work with someone new. It’s different, but I think I like it – you get to know more people plus you are subjected to working with people with different strengths and weaknesses…all in all, I think it’s a win-win situation.

Sessions are still three hour long, but on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays I will come in early to get on the leg bike for a nice, little warm-up.

For my day off this week, Mom and I hit up the Tigers game Thursday afternoon. Our apartment is just blocks away from Comerica Park and so I hope to hit up as many games as possible. We played the Angels, but unfortunately didn’t make it out with a W for the afternoon. Although we didn’t win, I still had a great time…I just love the atmosphere at the ballpark and if the game isn’t good, the people watching always is!!

This weekend, we really just hung out and did some relaxing. On Saturday, we took a stroll down in our old neighborhood, stopping for brunch at the Hudson Café, and today we hit up church and then made our way down to Vicenté’s Cuban Cuisine and made a brief stop at Campus Martius.

Our church we have been going to is St. Aloysius’s Parish and is actually just right down the street from our apartment building. From the outside it is a conspicuous building that blends in with all of the wall-to-wall building on the block, but as soon as you walk in the doors, you are dumbfounded. It is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been in! Although it is not very wide, it is three stories tall (all with views of the same altar) and is wall-to-wall marble.

Mass is great as always, but what I love the most is the music…Just think, your traditional Catholic hymns mixed with a Motown flair! It just wants to make you clap your hands and sway to the rhythm.

We finished off the afternoon by sitting by the pool and reading our books. It was a perfect Sunday and is the perfect catalyst I need to start a great week!

If I don’t write before then, I hope you all have a fabulous and safe 4th of July!! Here's a taste of the fireworks we had on Monday evening!

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