Friday, June 7, 2013

Plane, Train, or Automobile

Eek! I have so much that I need to catch you guys up on, but hey a girl has to go off the grid every once in awhile. That ‘once in awhile’ for me was the past 5 days as the Vogel girls took a mother/daughter trip to Carillon Beach in Florida.

Before I get into the details of how amazing of a trip we had, I have to discuss modes of transportation. Obviously to get from Kansas to Florida, a person must fly, drive, or catch a train….and flying was the way to go for us.

I am personally quite fond of flying myself…I can remember my first time in the air – I was in the fourth grade when my dad and I flew to Arizona over Spring Break to visit my Grandma Bea. A couple of flights and years later, I was lucky to experience flying in small planes…you know the one prop, two seaters, climb in and out off the wing, kind of plane. It was then that I grew to love flying and truly did appreciate it.

Since then, I have flown numerous times but ever since my accident, I have two beefs with flying…well, flying commercial that is. 

Aisle Chairs and Air Conditioning

Let’s start with aisle chairs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, sit back and let me explain. An aisle chair is truly just that, it’s this tiny little “wheelchair” that fits down the aisle of a plane. Once you get in the chair, the airline people strap you in and usher you onto the plane. It doesn’t sound so bad, right? Technically no, it’s not, but here’s my beef with them– I swear they are not made for anyone over 5’2” and well…I’m 6’ even. The seat of chair is not long enough to support my legs whatsoever and so every time those airline employees tries to put my feet on the footplate, they slide right on off and drag until the guy notices them again. By the time that happens, my butt is following suit and sliding just as much.

It’s kind of comical if you think about it, but hey, I always make it in my seat and back in my chair at the end of the flight. 

(I do have to make a slight retraction of this issue because I learned this weekend at your bigger airports, think the ATL, they have nicer aisle chairs and get this…the seat actually raises up allowing my legs to actually fit on the footrest and not drag along behind me!)

Phew, I feel a little bit better, but not completely…let’s talk air conditioning. Why in the world are planes so dang cold? I mean, I know I’m cold on a daily basis, but this bring my coldness to a whole new level. I always wear a hoodie when I fly and carry a blanket on board because as soon as the wheels are up, my hood goes up and my head is buried in my blanket. I’m like a prairie dog who only emerges from my burrow when the stewardess asks if I want some pretzels and the captain says “Crew, please prep the cabin for landing.” Our flight from Atlanta to Wichita on Wednesday was so cold, my mom even had a blanket…and I’m telling you, that NEVERS happens. Can’t we just get a little heat? Is that too much to ask?

Nonetheless, despite these two issues, I’ll continue to fly and love doing so…but there’s no doubt I will always prefer Crotts Aircraft to Delta or United. They at least turn the heater on for me!

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