Saturday, June 22, 2013

Life on the Road

It's official, we have arrived at our destination...Detroit, MI!

Our road trip was good...great, really. I like to think that Mom and I make an excellent traveling team with her driving and my navigating. Well, technically my navigating just involves me retelling Mom what Toots (our Garmin) has to say, but I did plan out how far we were to drive each day!

Our main stops included Springfield, IL and Kalamazoo, MI, but our journey consisted of much more than that. We experienced numerous laughs...three hours of rain...beautiful fields of corn...good food...two-lane highways...four-lane interstates...and lots of green!

After 1,098 miles on the road you would think I'd have some great photos for you, but after our stop in KC - I'm not sure I could find anything better and more humorous than this business advertisement!


Nonetheless, I am more than glad to be in the city I consider to be my "home away from home."

Stay tuned for more happenings in the 313! 

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