Friday, March 23, 2012

Small Town Blessed

Bucklin, KS - 
27 miles Southeast of Dodge City
Population: approximately 700
Hometown of Eddie Sutton
Home of the Bucklin Red Aces

It’s no secret, I’m from a small town. I have lived in Bucklin almost my whole entire life and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be from such a community. I was reminded of this fact once again today.

The community of Bucklin has watched me grow up from the time I was in diapers until the time I graduated high school. They supported me throughout my extracurricular activities, such as volleyball and basketball, and have always provided me a helping hand whenever needed.

When I had my accident in 2006, my mailbox became filled with cards and letters, my inbox filled with emails, and my phone never stopped ringing. I had so many people praying for me and supporting me, it was unbelievable. They had numerous fundraisers, including a volleyball tournament, street dance, hamburger feed, and a boot drop, just to name a few. When I would tell people in the hospital these things, they just couldn’t imagine - nobody understood the small town lifestyle.

Volleyball Tournament

Street Dance
I will never forget the first day I got home from Houston a little over a month after my accident. When we turned off of Hwy 54 onto Main, the same street I had spent countless nights cruising up and down for four years during high school, there were “Welcome Home Emily” signs all the way up and down the highway. When we pulled into my driveway there were signs in my yard and a ton of people in my house. It was amazing…from that first day until the December 13th when I returned back to Houston for therapy, my door was practically revolving. So many visitors with so many friends and so much food!

Almost six years later, my doorbell is not as busy as it used to be, but I still have the constant support for all my dreams and endeavors (including Ms. Wheelchair Kansas).

What many do not understand is that, this town and this community support each other. We are each other’s extended family and we rally together in times in need and are willing to do anything and everything to help. It’s remarkable.

I am a small-town girl. I am extremely proud of where I come from and I truly am blessed. 

Thank you all for your continual love and support. 
Without you, I would not be where I am at!

Picture of Bucklin from Water Tower

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