Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Another Day in the Capitol

My first official appearance as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas was a success! Mom and I spent this morning at the Capitol Building in Topeka. Before I get to all the details, I must say if you have never been to our Capitol building, you need to. It is amazing and absolutely gorgeous.For the past 10 years or so they have been remodeling the building to look as if it did (same wall colors, decor, etc) as it had when they built it in the 1860s. 

After arriving, we made our way up to Governor Brownback's office where the Secretary of Commerce Pat George met us. I briefly got to meet with the Governor and was able to get my picture taken with him. Unfortunately there was no time to discuss programs for the disabled, funding for education, turkey and pheasant hunting, or wind turbines...all topics people suggested I mention. Maybe next time, guys!

Secretary of Commerce Pat George, Governor Sam Brownback and myself

After my meet-and-greet with Governor Brownback, Secretary George took us for a brief tour up to where the Senate was getting ready to go in session. We hung around for a little bit and got to hear the discussion on a few amendments. They were discussing education funding while we were there and although I did not have much idea of what was being discussed, my mother sure did. She is a Junior High Special Ed Teacher here in Bucklin. The discussion of the state's new core curriculum really interested her.

The coolest part of my day was when Senator Garret Love, who I have known since high school, introduced me during as a guest during their session. It was an amazing feeling having all the Senators stand and applaud for me...I was truly in shock! 

Senator Garrett Love and myself

I must send a big thank you to all three of these gentlemen mentioned above, especially Garrett, for taking time out of their day to meet with me and their kind words of encouragement!

Here are a few more pictures from today!
Senate Chambers 

And again..the decor is so elaborate and ornate! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Tragic Prelude, by John Stuart Curry

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  1. Em, again I want to say how proud I am of you and what a qonderful role model you are for our girls here in town and everywhere. You define the motto " Never Give Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"