Monday, March 19, 2012

Could it be...Is it really...Raining?

We have arrived in Topeka and are getting settled in for the evening. It is a 272 mile trip from Bucklin to Topeka and for approximately 116 miles of the journey, from El Dorado to Topeka,we drove through rain. Not just a little rain, but quite a bit.

Rain is a sacred thing where I come from and trust me when I say we are in desperate need of it. Our livelihoods depend on it - it affects everything from our crops to our cattle. 

For my whole entire life I have enjoyed rainy days...I love the freshness and smell of rain, the gloominess in the sky and the desire to curl up and read a good book during these days. It makes everyone in Bucklin happy, and farmers act as if they are kids in candy stores.

Now that I'm in a chair, rain makes things just a little difficult...I have to constantly watch where I wheel - avoiding all mud and most of the large puddles. I'm not certain if it is possible to hydroplane in a wheelchair, but I really do not want to find out...that would result in a hospital visit, no doubt! Rain also makes my grips super slippery, it will take me 5 minutes to move 20 feet. Last, but not usually takes me a few minutes to get in and out of vehicles and then to make it inside anywhere I go - this is a sure way to soak my seat cushion and/or backrest and definitely ruin any kind of hairstyle that I have going on that day.

While there may be more negatives on paper when it comes to rain, I will never truly complain about it...Like I said, it is a sacred thing around Bucklin and the last place I want to end up is with the devil himself...Difficult or not, I'll take all the rain we can get!!


Be sure to check in tomorrow a big day meeting Governor Brownback! Can't wait to fill you all in!

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  1. I love the rain also,, the promise of new beginnings! The smell,, how everything looks so green after a rain,,,ahhhh,, I love the rain.