Thursday, August 8, 2013

#TBW Rainy Days

I know I’m a day late for thus post to be considered it a #TBW, but that is why this post is not based on a picture from the past. It’s going to be based on a fun-filled memory spurred by a present day rain.
Rattlesnake Creek on 8/8/13

It rained almost every day while I was in Detroit and at the time it sickened me a little bit knowing how much we needed moisture back here at home. I just wanted to bottle it up and send it home. Well, there’s no need now – we went from severe drought to flash flood warning. The amount of water standing around is absolutely amazing and it makes me think back to my younger days.
Whenever we had a significant amount of rain in the summertime while I was growing up, you could guarantee one thing – my best friend Tamren was coming over…we were getting our inner tubes…and we were headed to the draw(a drainage ditch that simply runs north to south through town).

 We would start at one end of the block and float downstream to the other end, always daring each other to go through the concrete culverts under the street. I don’t actually remember going through with any of the “double dog dares” - those culverts were always a bit too dark, scary, and smelly for me!

Although I don’t remember going through the culvert, I do remember losing one of my favorite and totally awesome clear jelly sandals during one of our float trips. Do you remember those sweet shoes? They were the best and I was completely devastated. I looked for days for that sandal, but it somehow slipped into the water and made its way down the Rattlesnake Creek.

It’s supposed to rain again tonight…too bad Tamren lives four and a half hours away because tomorrow would be a great float day!

(Photo by Scott Tilley)

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