Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clark County Bound

Not only did my cry for help on Facebook get me an appearance at Awanas back in January, but thanks to my back-cracking friend from Ashland, I was provided with the opportunity to come and speak at the Ashland Civic Club.

Downtown Ashland
I took off work a little early and headed south on Highway 34 on January 24th, arriving at the Ranch House in Ashand a little before noon. I got all my display boards set up just in time as the Civic Club members starting filing in. Like most noon meetings, we ate first before the actual meeting began. After some business, I took “center stage” and began my presentation.

Like all of my presentations, I began with the story of my accident and what has brought me to where I am at in life today, which is my direct lead into Ms. Wheelchair Kansas. I then spoke about my platform and what I am trying to accomplish throughout my reign.  

My favorite part of every presentation is the Q&A portion. I pride myself on being an open book and welcome any questions that people may want to ask and the members of the Ashland Civic Club did not disappoint; they had some great questions ranging from community projects to make the town more wheelchair friendly, volleyball, my therapies, and of course my MWKS experience.

I am no stranger to Ashland as it is just 32 miles south of my hometown. During my high school years, I gained numerous friends from Ashland due to sports and other extracurricular activities.  I have always thought of it as a quaint little community and always enjoyed visiting and my thoughts are still the same today. However, after meeting with the Civic Club and seeing their passion to improve their community, I have so much more respect and appreciation for not only the town, but the townsfolk as well.  

I’ve never known a trip to Ashland to be dull, and this day way no different. I had a great time and I must thank Dustin and Pastor Rick for asking me to speak!

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