Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Rodeo!

I must apologize as I have fallen a bit behind on my blogging, but I am bound and determined to catch you up on what all has been happening!

Last week, I saddled up bright and early and headed down to Wichita for the Kansas Truck Mobility Rodeo. Now, I know when I mention you’re thinking of bull riding, steer roping, and barrel races, but this was not the case last Friday!

The Mobility Rodeo is a daylong event aimed to raise awareness about the vehicles, equipment, and services available to enhance mobility. There were over 20 booths and numerous other vendors set up. I was able to spend my day near my Ms. Wheelchair Kansas booth meeting and talking with the 350-400 people who attended the event.

I had an amazing time hearing all of the different stories and sharing with them the purpose and mission of the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas organization. It is unbelievable how many people I ran into who share the same interests or know the same people as me. The state of Kansas may be 82,277 square miles, but it truly is a small, small world!

It may have not been the traditional rodeo I had in mind when I first heard of the event, but I had a great time nonetheless and I hope to return next year!

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