Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learn at Lunch

These past few days have been fairly hectic…now I can’t say that I have an extraordinarily large amount of things to do, but I just have a lot on my mind. While at work, I find myself thinking of volleyball…at volleyball, I find myself thinking about work…in the evenings it’s all of the above plus my Ms. Wheelchair Kansas duties, all while trying to watch my few favorite shows!

Today was different. I woke up with one thing in my head – United Way’s Learn at Lunch. This appearance had been in the works for a little bit and finally, today was the day.

Right after I arrived the seats started filling up and before I knew it, the meeting had started, we were eating, and my presentation was soon to follow.

After a few bites of some delicious brisket, I headed up to the front of the room and began. I talked of my accident and what I had learned from it, then of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas and all of my travels and appearances. The majority of my presentation focused on telling the group about my platform, Empowering Youth to Define Themselves.

Although today’s group consisted of just adults, I still think that a good portion of what I speak about is still relatable.  Most adults have a good sense of who they are and what they stand for, but we are still changing little aspects of our lives and who we are. We are still influenced by others, and sometimes still do things that really don’t fit who we are and what we believe. No matter what age a person is, they are still responsible for who themselves!

I had an amazing time today and the group was great! It was also great to be able to look out in the audience to see some of my favorite people in the crowd…so I must say thank you for coming and a huge thank you to the Dodge City United Way for allowing me to come and speak! It was such a great opportunity!

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