Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pass My Blanket, Please

I’ve always been somewhat of a cold-blooded person, but ever since my accident my “coldness” has escalated. Rarely will you find me without a heater on, a blanket nearby, or wrapped up in my heaviest coat and scarf.  My teeth chatter at the drop of the hat and I shiver uncontrollably.

When summer eases into fall, the temperatures usually seem to “ease” as well, slowly getting cooler and cooler. This year hasn’t followed suit so far. Yesterday afternoon a cold front arrived and the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees, if not more. I thought it might be a one-day thing, but that theory went out the window when I woke up this morning.

It was cold and raining. Now, never ever will I complain about rain, but this coldness will just fire up the complaint bug I have in this body of mine. It is way too early for this kind of coldness and it definitely shouldn’t sneak up on us like this!

I had to break out my thick, winter blanket this morning already so if this weather keeps up, I’ll be wearing my stocking hat and big winter coat before you know it…in the midst of September!!

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