Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Patience is a Virtue…and a Tough One, To Boot!

My mind is swimming today. I can’t complete one task without thinking about something else, then my cell phone beeps, an email comes in, the phone rings, and I’m totally distracted.

I’m preoccupied to say the least. With what, you ask? Bones.

Yep, you read that right, bones. You see I had a bone density scan yesterday because it is now a prerequisite for the intense physical therapy in Detroit. (I’m hoping to make another trip up there this summer.) Going into the scan, I knew my bones wouldn’t be like an able-bodied person…that they might be a little softer than normal, but I didn’t think it was going to be anything serious.

Wrong - turns out I have a pretty good case of osteoporosis in my hips. This was devastating news to me and after I read the report yesterday evening, I had a million thoughts running through my mind about it.

What about Detroit? Will they let me still do therapy? Can you regenerate bone? What medication do I need to take? Am I going to break a hip? You name it, I thought about it. After going through every scenario, I could think about...I prayed. I went to bed thinking what will be, will be and that I’ll soon know my fate.

Fast forward 8+ hours to today and I’m calmer, a little less emotional, but still scatterbrained. I’ve put in two calls to my doctor and three emails into Detroit and now I wait, impatiently.

Why is it when you really want/need to know something, you have to wait? The seconds feel like minutes, which in turn feel like hours, and the hours feel like days. Come on people, don’t you know how badly I need to know these results!!

God is testing me, no doubt, and while I would like to say I’m accepting His challenge with open arms, I’m not too keen on it. 

Waiting sucks, period!

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